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Carol Nuga Deliwe

Chief Director of Sector Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research at the national Department of Basic Education in South Africa and PhD Student


Carol Nuga Deliwe is enrolled for a PhD at Stellenbosch University, under the co-supervision of Professor Servaas van der Berg (social and economic policy) and Professor Nuraan Davids (education policy). As Chief Director responsible for Sector Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research at the national Department of Basic Education in South Africa, Carol has over two decades of experience in education planning, management information systems, monitoring, evaluation, and strategy within the country.  In addition, she has five years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical health sciences in the United Kingdom. Carol leads strategy development, planning, monitoring, and evaluating large public sector programmes in response to long-range education development goals. She is active and known for finding innovative ways to develop capacity, influence behaviour change, and provide advice and support for actions and evidence-based decisions that promote organisational and broader development outcomes in the schooling sector. Her work on management information piqued her interest in how education institutions use data and information on learning outcomes to account for performance and improve development outcomes. Her research investigates how institutional arrangements in the schooling system influence accountability for performance and learning. She examines the constraints and benefits of the audit culture in government departments tasked with improving learning outcomes and how school accountability can strengthen information use at the school level to boost learning outcomes. Carol is a member of the UNESCO Institute of Statistics Board (appointed by the Director-General of UNESCO) and chairs the Ububele Psychotherapy Education Trust Board in South Africa. Carol holds a Masters in Education from the University of the Witwatersrand (2017), Postgraduate Diplomas in Development Finance and Economics from the University of London (2005; 2001), and a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) from Kings College London (1990).  Carol has published on how evaluations inform education policy and practice, how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the education quality trajectory in South Africa, and how to strengthen and build an evidence base for inclusive education in South Africa.

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The role of assessment in Foundation Phase improvement: The Annual National Assessments and beyond

Measuring learning outcomes (what learners know and can do) has been a contested terrain for many education systems and researchers, despite universal acknowledgement that assessment…
July 11, 2023 By: Carol Nuga Deliwe and Servaas van der Berg PDF
February 17, 2022 in Carol Nuga Deliwe, Dineo Seabe, Education, Education - Reports & Policy, Focus Areas, Policy Briefs, Reports, Research Outputs

How satisfied are school principals with support and compliance visits by district officials?

Introduction As a positive relationship between schools and education districts can help to secure school improvement and learning outcomes, we have explored the accountability arrangements…
February 17, 2022 By: Carol Nuga Deliwe, Dineo Seabe PDF
December 17, 2020 in 2020, Authors, Carol Nuga Deliwe, Education - Working Papers, Education 2020, Martin Gustafsson, Working Papers

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting educational quality in South Africa? Evidence to date and future risks

Stellenbosch Working Paper Series No. WP23/2020 Publication date: December 2020
December 17, 2020 By: Martin Gustafsson and Carol Nuga Deliwe PDF