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Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 06/2016

To make rational decisions that will lead to good education for all, policymakers need reliable information and solid evidence. This brief is based on a study that looked at how well the South African public schooling system is serving all learners, particularly those with disabilities. It emphasises the need for evidence to support policymaking for inclusive education, and the need for evidence to support policymaking for our education system in general.

The brief presents data gathered from Department of Basic Education (DBE) surveys in 2014, including the 10th School Day (Snap) Survey, the 2014 Statistics South Africa General Household Survey (GHS), and data from various 2014 school audits, conducted mainly by the DBE, but supplemented by data from other government Departments, including Social Development. It looks at lessons learned in the course of developing systems to support policy decisions for schools and recommends an information management system for inclusive education.

We urgently need an evidence base if we are to achieve inclusive high quality education for all, as envisaged in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, adopted in 2015 by the UNESCO member states.