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The NEPI Research Group on Planning, Systems, and Structure, including a sub-group on Administration and Control, has been responsible for investigation of both ‘macro-’ and ‘micro-’ dimensions of education planning, organisation, financing, and governance, including the following broad concerns:

  • the respective roles of government, communities, the business sector, and non-governmental organisations in the provision of education and training;
  • government’s responsibility for regulation of the education and training system, including examinations, certification, curricula, recognition and autonomy of schools and colleges, rules of access, and certification of training standards;
  • responsibility for and co-ordination of financing of education and training;
  • priorities for resource allocation amongst formal schooling, tertiary education, and non-formal education;
  • the planning process and policy formation in education and training, and appropriate representation of organised business, labour, and the public in education policy formation.

This Report focuses on education and training systems and the structure of schooling. Aspects of education planning, finance, and management are discussed in both this and the separate report on Governance, and there are various aspects of the organisation of education discussed below which are specific concerns of other research group reports. Submissions, working papers, and publications that have been consulted in compiling this report are listed in an appendix.