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Marisa von Fintel


Marisa von Fintel is a lecturer at Stellenbosch University and researcher with Research on Socio-Economic Policy (RESEP). She received her PhD in economics at the University of Stellenbosch in 2015.

She has published on topics such as the evaluation of social policy, poverty measurement social mobility, as well as social cohesion. Her policy-related work has been conducted in the fields of education policy and poverty in South Africa.

April 22, 2022 in Focus Areas, Health, Health - Publications, Journal Articles, Marisa von Fintel, Publications, Research Outputs, Ronelle Burger, Trust Gangaidzo

Stressful life events, neighbourhood characteristics, and systolic blood pressure in South Africa.

In press
April 22, 2022 By: Trust Gangaidzo, Marisa von Fintel, A. Schutte, Ronelle Burger PDF
May 18, 2020 in 2020, Dieter von Fintel, Labour, Labour - Working Papers, Labour 2020, Marisa von Fintel, Research Outputs, Working Papers

Separating Employment Effects into Job Destruction and Job Creation

This paper presents new evidence on the employment effects of a large increase in agricultural minimum wages in South Africa using anonymized tax data.
May 18, 2020 By: Dieter von Fintel, Marlies Piek, Johann Kirsten PDF
October 16, 2017 in 2011, Development, Development - Working Papers, Marisa von Fintel, Working Papers

Finding the Benefits: Estimating the Impact of the South African Child Support Grant

Stellenbosch Working Paper Series No. WP16/2011 Abstract: The paper estimates the impact of the South African Child Support Grant (CSG) on child health, nutrition and…
October 16, 2017 By: Marisa von Fintel PDF
October 16, 2017 in 2015, Development, Development - Working Papers, Development 2015, Marisa von Fintel

The dynamics of child poverty in South Africa Between 2008 and 2012: An analysis using the National Income Dynamics Study

Stellenbosch Working Paper Series No. WP05.2015 Publication date: 2015 Abstract: The aim of this study is to use data from three waves of the National…
October 16, 2017 By: Marisa von Fintel, Asmus Zoch PDF
October 16, 2015 in Marisa von Fintel, Research Outputs, Rulof Burger, Servaas van der Berg, Theses, Theses 2015

Social Mobility and Cohesion in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Candidate:  Marisa von Fintel Supervisor: Professor Servaas van der Berg Co-supervisor: Doctor Rulof Burger Institution: Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, Department of Economics Abstract: Twenty years…