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Previous Brown Bag Lunches

RESEP’s preliminary research findings are presented and discussed in these highly interactive and collaborative weekly seminars.
From time to time, external researchers who have overlapping interests to our own are invited to present their recent work.

SU researchers lead multi-university study to track economic impacts of COVID-19

This week researchers at Stellenbosch University launched the Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey (CRAM), a collaborative research project across five universities which will track the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 in South Africa. The study will survey a nationally representative sample of 10,000 South Africans every month for the next six months using telephone surveys with R20 airtime incentives per respondent per wave. The survey will focus on unemployment, household income, access to healthcare, child hunger and access to government grants.

Nurse staffing and the quality of care

Karina Dietermann

STIAS, Stellenbosch
4 February 2019

Remittances and Household welfare: Evidence from Zambia

Elizabeth Nanziri

STIAS, Stellenbosch
26 November 2019

Community Health Workers, Subsidies, and Safe Water: Evidence from Malawi

Pascaline Dupas (Stanford)

STIAS, Stellenbosch
13 August 2019

Community Health Workers, Subsidies, and Safe Water: Evidence from Malawi

Pascaline Dupas (Stanford)

STIAS, Stellenbosch
13 August 2019

Immigration and Preferences for redistribution in Europe

Elie Murard

STIAS, Stellenbosch
30 July 2019

Book Launch: State of the Nation

Ingrid Woolard

STIAS, Stellenbosch
23 July 2019

Cost of education

Nic Spaull , Adaiah Lilenstein

STIAS, Stellenbosch
21 May 2019

Exceptional performance in PIRLS

Heleen Hofmeyr

STIAS, Stellenbosch
16 March 2019

Measuring inequality with grouped data: perspectives from historical records.

Dieter von Fintel , Calumet Links, Erik Green

STIAS, Stellenbosch
02 April 2019

The Economic Effects of District Reforms

Christian Lessmann

STIAS, Stellenbosch
12 March 2019

Early Lead Exposure and Outcomes in Adulthood

Peter Nilsson

STIAS, Stellenbosch
19 February 2019

The returns to schooling in South Africa

Willem Wilken

STIAS, Stellenbosch
12 June 2018

Understanding the effects of Land Reform in Data Scarce Context

Tawanda Chingozha

STIAS, Stellenbosch
5 June 2018

Measurement of earnings: Comparing South African tax and survey data

Martin Wittenberg (UCT)

STIAS, Stellenbosch
24 April 2018

Who went to the Clinic? Lessons from Mission Hospital Patient Registers in Uganda, 1908-70

Dr Felix Meier Zu Selhausen

STIAS, Stellenbosch
17 October 2017

Firms & Skills Constraints: Evidence from eThekwini

Myriam Velia and Glen Robbins

STIAS, Stellenbosch
8 August 2017

The effects of TB medicine stock outs

Lisanne Koomen

STIAS, Stellenbosch
16 May 2017

From Matric into and through university: Higher Education access and outcomes in South Africa

Hendrik van Broekhuizen

STIAS, Stellenbosch
16 September 2016

Assessing mental health and disorder in cultural context: some

Leslie Swartz

STIAS, Stellenbosch
2 August 2016

Impact of New Molecular Diagnostic Tests for TB

Pren Naidoo, Rory Dunbar

STIAS, Stellenbosch
17 May 2016

Minimum wages in a tradable sector: are small firms more vulnerable?

Marlies Rothkegel

STIAS, Stellenbosch
5 April 2016

TB case finding in South Africa

Mareli Claassens

STIAS, Stellenbosch
8 March 2016

The Big Push Toward Universal Health Coverage: Metrics, Data, and Impact

Adam Wagstaff

STIAS, Stellenbosch
9 February 2016

Provincial administrations, post provisioning and small school questions

Martin Gustafsson

STIAS, Stellenbosch
19 January 2016

Multidimensional transfer trouble: an overview

Erwin Ooghe

STIAS, Stellenbosch
17 November 2015

Education Intervention: Estimating the Effectiveness of Ikamva Youth

Lewis McLean

STIAS, Stellenbosch
20 October 2015

The Demand for Reproductive Health Care

Steven Koch

STIAS, Stellenbosch
6 October 2015

Month of birth and later outcomes: Evidence from South Africa

Cally Ardington

STIAS, Stellenbosch
26 May 2015

Agricultural minimum wages: an update after the 2012 farmworker strikes

Dieter von Fintel , Christopher Garbers, Louw Pienaar

STIAS, Stellenbosch
5 May 2015

Labour law and the economy: Views from the other side of Ryneveld Street

Christopher Garbers

STIAS, Stellenbosch
17 March 2015

Teacher graduate production in South Africa: Insights from HEMIS

Hendrik van Broekhuizen

STIAS, Stellenbosch
3 March 2015

Access to public health care in South Africa

Carmen Sue Christian , Carmen Sue, Christian Lopes

STIAS, Stellenbosch
2 December 2014

Education, Skills and Inequality in the Labor Market

Edin Per-Anders

STIAS, Stellenbosch
18 November 2014

Teacher qualification outputs at South African Universities

Hendrik van Broekhuizen

STIAS, Stellenbosch
23 September 2014

Understanding, measuring and exploring unpaid care work

Debbie Budlender

STIAS, Stellenbosch
12 August 2014

Spatial comparisons of multidimensional poverty and inequality in Malawi

Anderson Gondwe

STIAS, Stellenbosch
22 July 2014

Jobs come and Go, but the Family will always be there

Alessio Gaggero

STIAS, Stellenbosch
27 May 2014

Have workers been winners or losers since the end of apartheid?

Jeremy Seekings

STIAS, Stellenbosch
20 May 2014

Earnings volatility in South Africa

Vimal Ranchhod

STIAS, Stellenbosch
22 April 2014

Measuring Lived Poverty in South Africa

Robert Mattes

STIAS, Stellenbosch
8 April 2014

An Internationally Comparable Measure of SES

Janeli Viljoen

STIAS, Stellenbosch
4 March 2014

Regional Perspectives of Multidimensional Poverty

Atika Pasha

STIAS, Stellenbosch
18 February 2014

Rising inequalities in income and health in China: Who is left behind?

Eddy van Doorslaer

STIAS, Stellenbosch
28 January 2014