ReSEP Theses

Links to some of the Master’s and Ph.D. theses of ReSEP members can be found below.  Theses are freely available in electronic format (PDF) on this website for downloading, and interested researchers are encouraged to make use of this facility.  Note: If you have trouble viewing any of the PDF files, your PDF viewer software may need to be updated.

Ph.D. Theses

BURGER, COBUS. (2016). A structural approach to modelling South African labour market decisions
Abstract PDF (1.6 MB)

WILLS, GABRIELLE. (2016). An economic perspective on school leadership and teachers’ unions in South Africa
Abstract PDF (3.9 MB)

SMITH, ANNA MARIA. (2016). Healthcare reform priorities for South Africa: Four essays on the financing, delivery and user acceptability of healthcare.
Abstract | PDF (2.9 MB)

VAN BROEKHUIZEN, HENDRIK. (2016). Graduate unemployment, Higher Education access and success, and teacher production in South Africa.
Abstract | PDF (3 MB)

SPAULL, NICHOLAS. (2015). Education Quality in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa: An Economic Approach.
Abstract | PDF (7.48 MB)

VON FINTEL, MARISA. (2015). Social Mobility and Cohesion in Post-Apartheid South Africa.
Abstract | PDF (1.12 MB)

ARMSTRONG, PAULA. (2015). Teachers in the South African Education System: An Economic Perspective.
Abstract | PDF (1.91 MB)

GUSTAFSSON, M. (2014). Education and Country Growth Models.
Abstract | PDF (6.9 MB)

VON FINTEL, D. P. (2014). Spatial Heterogeneity, Generational Change and Childhood Socioeconomic Status: Microeconomic Solutions to South African Labour Market Questions.
Abstract | PDF (6.8 MB)

DA MAIA, CARLOS CHADREQUE PENICELA. (2012). Understanding poverty and inequality in Mozambique: the role of education and labour market status.
Abstract | PDF (4.573 MB)

YU, KWAN CHEUNG DEREK. (2012). Using household surveys for deriving labour market, poverty and inequality trends in South Africa.
Abstract | PDF (7.15 MB)

JANSEN, ADA. (2012). Aspects of the economics of water management in urban settings in South Africa, with a focus on Cape Town.
Abstract | PDF (2.067 MB)

KIRSTEN, MARIÉ. (2011). Improving the well-being of the poor through microfinance: evidence from the Small Enterprise Foundation in South Africa.
Abstract | PDF (6.246 MB)

STREAK, JUDITH CHRISTINE. (2011). Child poverty in South Africa and the performance of the Child Support Grant programme.
Abstract | PDF (4.524 MB)

TAYLOR, STEPHEN. (2010). The performance of South African schools: Implications for economic development.
Abstract | PDF (5.447 MB)

SEELIGER, LEANNE. (2009). On the value of environmental pragmatism in economic decision-making: With special reference to the work of Bryan Norton.
Abstract | PDF (1.910 MB)

VAN WYK, CHRIS J. (2006). The development of an education management information system from a sense making perspective and the application of quantitative methods to analyse education data sets.
Abstract | PDF (1.091 MB)

OKURUT, FRANCIS NATHAN. (2004). Credit demand and credit rationing in the informal financial sector in Uganda.

JAFTA, RACHEL. (2003). The introduction of new technology in a mature industry: An evolutionary analysis of the South African textile industry.

BHORAT, HAROON. (2003). Employment, earnings and vulnerability in the South African labour market: Measurement and determinants.

BOOYSEN, FLER. (2001). The measurement of economic development – Alternative composite indices.

Master’s Theses

SPAULL, NICHOLAS. (2012). Equity & efficiency in South African primary schools: A preliminary analysis of SACMEQ III South Africa.
Abstract | PDF (10.19 MB)

VAN BROEKHUIZEN, HENDRIK. (2011). Returns to education, school quality, and numeracy in the South African labour market.
Abstract | PDF (12.11 MB)

LEKEZWA, BONGISA. (2011). The impact of social grants as anti-poverty policy instruments in South Africa: An analysis using household theory to determine intra-household allocation of unearned income.
| PDF (1.697 MB)

BILALE, FERNANDO. (2007). Educational attainment in Mozambique – The relative importance of supply and demand factors.
Abstract | PDF (780.7 kb)

GUSTAFSSON, MARTIN. (2006). School production modelling to strengthen government monitoring programmes in developing countries.
Abstract | PDF (1.099 MB)

HAVEMANN, ROY C. (2004). The demand for labour in South Africa.

CHAMBERLAIN, DOUBELL. (2001). Earnings functions, labour market discrimination and quality of education in South Africa.

BREDENKAMP, CARYN. (2001). Falling through the cracks – Income security and the South African social security system.

VAN DEVENTER, GERHARD J. (2001). Socio-economic development in the coloured community since the Theron Commission.

BRITS, ANNE-MARIE. (1999). The development of labour market institutions in Namibia.


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