This page contains some of the ReSEP members’ recent articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in published books.  These outputs are not hosted on this website, but, where possible, may be accessed or ordered via the indicated links below.

Journal Articles

BURGER R, DASGUPTA I, OWENS T. A Model of non-governmental organization regulation with an application to Uganda. Economic Development and Cultural Change 2015; 64(1):71-111.

BURGER R, DASGUPTA I, OWENS T. Why pay NGOs to involve the community?. Annales de L’economie Publique Sociale et Cooperative/Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 2015; 86(1):7-31.

BURGER R, LOUW M, DE OLIVEIRA PEGADO AUGUSTO BBI, VAN DER BERG S. Understanding consumption patterns of the established and emerging South African black middle class. Development Southern Africa 2015; 32(1):41-56.

BURGER R, STEENEKAMP CL, VAN DER BERG S, ZOCH A. The emergent middle class in contemporary South Africa: Examining and comparing rival approaches. Development Southern Africa 2015; 32(1):25-40.

BURGER RP, TEAL F. The effect of schooling on worker productivity: Evidence from a South African industry panel. Journal of African Economies 2015; 24(5):629-644.

BURGER RP, VAN DER BERG S, VON FINTEL DP. The unintended consequences of education policies on South African participation and unemployment. South African Journal of Economics 2015; 83(1):74-100.

GUSTAFSSON MA. Enrolment ratios and related puzzles in developing countries: Approaches for interrogating the data drawing from the case of South Africa. International Journal of Educational Development 2015; 42:63-72.

MEEHAN S, LEON N, NAIDOO P, JENNINGS K, BURGER R, BEYERS N. Availability and acceptability of HIV counselling and testing services. A qualitative study comparing clients’ experiences of accessing HIV testing at public sector primary health care facilities or non-governmental mobile services in Cape Town, South Africa. BMC Public Health 2015; 15:845, 10 pages.

PIENAAR LP, VON FINTEL DP. Hunger in the former apartheid homelands: Determinants of convergence one century after the 1913 Land Act. Agrekon 2015; 53(4):38-67.

SPAULL NA, TAYLOR SGS. “Access to what? Creating a composite measure of educational quantity and educational quality for 11 African Countries. Comparative Education Review 2015; 59(1):133-165.

TAYLOR SGS, SPAULL NA. Measuring access to learning over a period of increased access to schooling: The case of Southern and Eastern Africa since 2000. International Journal of Educational Development 2015; 41(1):47-59.

TAYLOR SGS, VAN DER BERG S, REDDY V, JANSE VAN RENSBURG D. The evolution of educational inequalities through secondary school: Evidence from a South African panel study. Development Southern Africa 2015; 32(4):425-442.

VON FINTEL M. Subjective well-being, reference groups and relative standing in post-apartheid South Africa. African Review of Economics and Finance 2015; 7(1):6-31.

WAGSTAFF A, DMTRACZENKO T, ALMEIDA G, BUISMAN L, BREDENKAMP C, ET AL. Assessing Latin America’s progress toward achieving universal health coverage. Health Affairs 2015; 34(10):1704-1712.
WILLS G. Informing principal policy reforms in South Africa through data-based evidence. South African Journal of Childhood Education 2015; 5(2):95-122.

BURGER, C. & JANSEN, A. Increasing Block Tariff Structures as a Water Subsidy Mechanism in South Africa: An Exploratory Analysis. Development Southern Africa 2014; 31(4): 553-562. [online] available from

BURGER, R. P. & VON FINTEL, D. P. Rising Unemployment in a Growing Economy: A Business Cycle, Generational and Life Cycle Perspective of Post-Transition South Africa’s Labour Market. Studies in Economics and Econometrics (SEE) 2014; 38(1): 35-64. [online] available from

MAUGHAN-BROWN, B. & SPAULL, N. HIV-Related Discrimination Among Grade Six Students in Nine Southern African Countries. PLoS ONE 2014; 9(8): 1-11. [online] available from

SCHÖER, V.; RANKIN, N. A. & ROBERTS, G. A. Accessing the First Job in a Slack Labour Market: Job Matching in South Africa. Journal of International Development 2014; 26(1): 1-22. [online] available from

TAYLOR, S. Reviewing the Language Compensation Policy in the National Senior Certificate. Perspectives in Education 2014; 32(1): 124-141. [online] available from

VAN DER BERG, S. Inequality, Poverty and Prospects for Redistribution. Development Southern Africa 2014; 31(2): 197-218. [online] available from

VAN DER BERG, S. The Transition from Apartheid: Social Spending Shifts Preceded Political Reform. Economic History of Developing Regions 2014; 29(2): 234-244. [online] available from

ZOCH, A. Life Chances and Class: Estimating Inequality of Opportunity for Children and Adolescents in South Africa. Development Southern Africa 2014; 32(1): 57-75. [online] available from

COETZEE, M. Finding the benefits: Estimating the impact of The South African Child Support Grant. South African Journal of Economics 2013; 81(3): 427-450. [online] available from

CHRISTIAN, C. S. Exploring ways to improve health system performance in developing countries. (Book review) Development Southern Africa 2013; 29(5): 767 – 769.
[online] available from

CHRISTIAN, C. S. and CRISP, N. Management in the South African public health sector: An x-inefficiency perspective. Development Southern Africa 2012; 29(5): 725 – 737.
[online] available from

BURGER, R. Reconsidering the case for enhancing NGO accountability via regulation. Voluntas 2012; 23(1) : 85-108.
[online] available from

BURGER, R. , BREDENKAMP, C. , GROBLER, C. and VAN DER BERG, S. Have public health spending and access in South Africa become more equitable since the end of apartheid? Development Southern Africa 2012; 29(5): 681 – 703
[online] available from

REDDY, V., VAN DER BERG, S., JANSE VAN RENSBURG, D. and TAYLOR, S. Educational outcomes: Pathways and performance in South African high schools. South African Journal of Science 2012; 108(3/4): 1-4
[online] available from

SPAULL, N. The Gospel according to Banerjee and Duflo (Book review). Development Southern Africa 2012; 29(1): 191-2
[online] available from

SPAULL, N. Poverty & privilege: Primary school inequality in South Africa. International Journal of Educational Development 2012; (2012) : 1-12.
[online] available from

VAN DER BERG, S. and MOSES, E.  How better targeting of social spending affects social delivery in South Africa. Development Southern Africa 2012; 29(1): 127-139
[online] available from

GUSTAFSSON, M. and MABOGOANE, T. South Africa’s economics of education: A stocktaking and an agenda for the way forward. Development Southern Africa 2012; 29(3): 351-364.
[online] available from

YU, D. Defining and measuring informal employment in South Africa. Development Southern Africa 2012; 29(1): 157-175
[online] available from

COETZEE, M. Finding the benefits: Estimating the impact of the South African Child Support Grant. South African Journal of Economics (Forthcoming).

BURGER R, OWENS T. Promoting transparency in the NGO Sector: Examining the availability and reliability of self-reported data. World Development 2010; 38(9) : 1263-1277.
[online] available from

VON FINTEL DP, FOURIE J. Dynamics of inequality in a newly settled pre-industrial society: The case of the Cape Colony. Cliometrica 2010; 4(3) : 229-267.
[online] available from

Journal Articles (Non-subsidised)

CHITIGA M, DECALUWE B, MABUGU ERM, MAISONNAVE H, ROBICHAUD R, SHEPHERD DL, VAN DER BERG S, VON FINTEL D.P. A retrospective look at how well a macro-micro model can analyse the impact of the global financial crisis on a developing country. Poverty & Public Policy 2015; 7(3):211-222.

MAISONNAVE H, CHITIGA M, DECALUWE B, MABUGU R, ROBICHAUD R, SHEPHERD DL, VAN DER BERG S, VON FINTEL D.P. The impact of the international economic crisis on child poverty in South Africa. Povery & Public Policy 2015; 7(2):176-199.

SAMUELS M, TAYLOR SGS, SHEPHERD DL, VAN DER BERG S, JACOB C, DELIWE CN, MABOGOANE T. Reflecting on an impact evaluation of the Grade R programme: Method, results and policy responses. African Evaluation Journal 2015; 3(1):Art. #139, 10 pages.

Chapters in Books

SPAULL NA. Schooling in South Africa: How low-quality education becomes a poverty trap. In: De Lannoy A, Swartz S, Lake L, Smith C (eds.) South African Child Gauge 2015, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 2015: 34-41.

MABUGU, R., VAN DER BERG, S., SHEPHERD, D., CHITIGA, M., DECALUWÉ, B., MAISONNAVE, H., ROBICHAUD, V. and VON FINTEL, D. (2012). Child poverty in South Africa and the global financial and economic crisis. Chapter in: Caroline Harper, Nicola Jones, Ronald Mendoza, David Steward & Erika Strand. 2012. Children in crisis: Seeking child-sensitive policy responses. Palgrave MacMillan: Basingstoke. ISBN 9780230313972

BURGER R, LOUW M, VAN DER BERG S. Post-Apartheid South Africa: Poverty and Distribution. In The Poor under Globalization in Asia, Latin America and Africa, Oxford University Press, New York, United Kingdom, 2010: 431-458.
[offline] available from

BURGER R, LOUW M, VAN DER WATT C. The challenge of poverty and social exclusion in post-apartheid South Africa – Considering the potential role of religious groups. In Religion and Social Development in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Stellenbosch University Press, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2010: 61-73.
[offline] available from

BURGER R, VAN DER WATT C. Bridging South Africa’s deep divides – Religious networks as a resource to overcome social and economic exclusion. In Religion and Social Development in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Stellenbosch University Press, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2010: 393-402.
[offline] available from

JAFTA RCC, BLACK PA, BURGER RP. Black economic empowerment. In South African Economy and Policy, 1990-2000, Manchester University Press, New York, USA, 2010: 494-513.

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