Policy Briefs – 2011

Policy briefs are freely available in electronic format (PDF) on this website for downloading, and interested researchers are encouraged to make use of this facility.  Note: If you have trouble viewing any of the PDF files, your PDF viewer software may need to be updated.

For richer, for poorer? Can lessons learnt from wealthy schools be applied to help poor schools deliver better results?
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 05/2011
Debra Shepherd
Summary | PDF (160 KB)

The role of educational attainment and quality schooling in reducing racial earnings inequality
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 04/2011
Gideon du Rand, Hendrik van Broekhuizen, Dieter von Fintel
Summary | PDF (226 KB)

Identifying policy priorities to improve outcomes for poor primary school learners
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 03/2011
Nic Spaull
Summary | PDF (213 KB)

The vital role of good school management in improving primary school outcomes
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 02/2011
Stephen Taylor
Summary | PDF (192 KB)

New evidence in the case for improving the quality of secondary school learning outcomes
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 01/2011
Martin Gustafsson
Summary | PDF (150 KB)

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