Policy Briefs – 2015

Policy briefs are freely available in electronic format (PDF) on this website for downloading, and interested researchers are encouraged to make use of this facility.  Note: If you have trouble viewing any of the PDF files, your PDF viewer software may need to be updated.

Increasing the supply of teacher graduates
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 05/2015
Hendrik van Broekhuizen
Summary | PDF (645 KB) | Media Coverage

Education datasets in South Africa
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 04/2015
Chris van Wyk
Summary | PDF (615 KB)

Rethinking pre-grade R
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 03/2015
Janeli Kotzé
Summary | PDF (659 KB) | Media Coverage

Is school based assessment in matric achieving its potential?
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 02/2015
Debra Shepherd, Servaas van der Berg
Summary | PDF (684 KB)

Improving the calibre of school leadership in South Africa
Stellenbosch Policy Brief No. 01/2015
Gabrielle Wills
Summary | PDF (802 KB) | Media Coverage


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