Research by ReSEP’s Dr Nic Spaull Featured Prominently in 2015 Child Gauge

Earlier this month marked the release of the 2015 Child Gauge focussing on “Youth and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty.’ The work of RESEP researcher Dr Nic Spaull featured prominently in the report and built on earlier work conducted by the broader RESEP team. Dr Spaull wrote the education chapter for the 2015 Gauge, titled Schooling in South Africa: How low-quality education becomes a poverty trap.

ABSTRACT: “The strong legacy of apartheid and the consequent correlation between education and wealth helps drive an intergenerational cycle of poverty where children inherit the social standing of their parents or caregivers, irrespective of their own abilities or effort. This essay provides an overview of educational outcomes in South Africa, and describes the linkages between the education system and the labour market. It illustrates clearly how low-quality education in South Africa is a key mechanism in the reproduction of inequality and proposes policy and programmatic interventions to alleviate the situation”.

The findings from this chapter were influential in the overall direction of the Gauge and can be seen as the main focus of the poster at the back of the Gauge report. All the Gauge articles are available here.