Understanding quality of care in hospitals and clinics

Understanding of Quality of Care in Hospitals and Clinics

The ReSEP Health Group’s research in the area of ‘Understanding of Quality of Care in Hospitals and Clinics’ can be found and explored with the list of outputs below.

Our team shares an interest in understanding and measuring the quality of care delivered in both primary care facilities and hospitals. This is intellectually challenging, but also arguably one of the most important research areas to ensure improved care and better functioning and more accountable health systems.


Profiling South Africa’s Hospital Landscape

ReSEP members involved: Ronelle Burger, Anja Smith

Collaborators:  Katharina Hauck, Shivani Rancchod, Jacqui Stewart, Cheryl Adams, Julian Bloch, Chloe van Billion


Measuring of Quality of Care in Public Primary Facilities

ReSEP members involved: Ronelle BurgerAnja Smith, Carmen Christian, Laura Rossouw