Health Seminars

Health Seminars

We frequently host Health Seminars with various guests and speakers presenting research at the forefront of the field.


Recent Health Seminars

%05 %041 %2015
Citizen engagement in health care decision-making: worth the effort?
John Eyles (WITS)

%01 %041 %2015
Explaining medical care quality in Kenya
David Khaoya (UCT)

%13 %041 %2015
Disentangling the effects of income on health outcomes in South Africa: A regression discontinuity design
David Khaoya (UCT)

%30 %041 %2015
Early childhood development and health and development (literature review)
Seiro Ito (Inst. of Development Economies)

%23 %041 %2015
Health status and the South African labour market
Simphiwe Khoza & Lewis McLean (ReSEP, SU)

%07 %041 %2015
Antimalarial demand estimation: A market level analysis for Uganda
Seiro Ito (Inst. of Development Economies)

%26 %041 %2015
Antenatal care access and HIV in South Africa
Vivian Black (WITS)

%11 %041 %2014
Experimental interventions to promote HIV test uptake under corporate environments: Results from a cluster randomised controlled trial in South Africa
Seiro Ito (Inst. of Development Economies)

%04 %041 %2014
Community-based adherence clubs in Gugulethu - a model of care to support ART expansion and retention in care
Anna Grimsrud (UCT)

%27 %041 %2014
Estimating tuberculosis drug resistance rates in South Africa using routinely collected data
Zoe McLaren (Michigan School of Public Health)

%13 %041 %2014
The contribution of a community-based HIV counselling and testing (HCT) initiative in working towards increasing access to HCT in Cape Town, South Africa
Sue-Ann Meehan (Desmond Tutu TB Centre)

%30 %041 %2014
Health care research ethics
Prof Anton van Niekerk (SU)

%16 %041 %2014
The health immigrant: investigating disability disparities between native-born black South Africans and their foreign-born counterparts
Maninie Molatseli (POPART Trial)

%11 %041 %2014
Access to public health care in South Africa: 2002-2012
Carmen Christian (UWC)

%04 %041 %2014
Vision 2030: The road to wellness
Dr Keith Cloete (WCDH)

%14 %041 %2014
Delivering successful sin tax reform in the Philipines
Caryn Bredenkamp & Kai Kaiser (World Bank)

%19 %041 %2014
Keeping it real: Measuring hospital efficiency in South Africa
Shivani Ramjee (UCT)

%09 %041 %2014
The process and outcomes of health technology evaluation
Dr Manie de Klerk (Metropolitan Health)

%10 %041 %2014
Can vouchers deliver? An evaluation of subsidies for maternal care in Cambodia
Eddy van Doorslaer (Erasmus University)

%03 %041 %2014
Income related health inequality in South Africa
David Khaoya (UCT)

%06 %041 %2014
Global health inequalities in the twenty first century
John Ataguba (UCT)

%20 %041 %2014
The use of community/lay health workers in selected interventions: costs, experiences, and challenges
Lungiswa Nkonki (SU)

%16 %041 %2014
Market failures in private health care markets
Alex van den Heever (WITS)