Brown Bag Lunch (BBL)

BrownBag Lunch (BBL)

The Brownbag Lunch seminar series is a weekly forum which is used to present and discuss preliminary research findings in a non-threatening environment. By supplementing the departmental seminars, the BrownBag Lunches provide a regular opportunity for researchers in the group to get feedback and input on new ideas, thesis proposals, and unfinished journal articles. They are highly interactive and collaborative, and allow for all members of the group to present at some stage in the year. External researchers who have similar interests to those of the group are often invited to present their more recent work. The seminars are held every Tuesday over lunch.

Previous BBL’s

04 April 2017
Using Remote Sensing Data to Estimate the Effects of Land Reform in Developing Countries: Evidence from Zimbabwe
Tawanda Chingozha

28 March 2017
A public expenditure review of school education in Namibia
Servaas van der Berg

14 March 2017
An Econometric Method for Estimating Population Parameters from Non-Random Samples: An Application to Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Testing Data
Rulof Burger

28 February 2017
Non-profit accountability in a disconnected and divided South Africa
Ronelle Burger

21 February 2017
It's only a cough: exploring the health-seeking behaviour of persons who cough for more than two weeks
Carmen Sue Christian Lopes

14 February 2017
The effect of plan-making prompts on job search and employment: Evidence from a South African randomised control trial
Martin Abel, Rulof Burger, Eliana Carranza & Patrizio Piraino

14 February 2017
The effect of plan-making prompts on job search and employment: Evidence from a South African randomised control trial
Rulof Burger

07 February 2017
The short- and medium-term impacts of the Roving Caregivers Programme in St Lucia on early childhood cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes
Debra Shepherd

07 February 2017
The short- and medium-term impacts of the Roving Caregivers Programme in St Lucia on early childhood cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes
Debra Shepherd

31 January 2017
Unequal households, unequal schools, and the consequences for education outcomes
Lewis McLean

31 January 2017
Unequal households, unequal schools, and the consequences for education outcomes
Lewis McLean

24 January 2017
How context matters: Hierarchical, patronage and horizontal governance of basic education in the Western and Eastern Cape
Brian Levy

06 December 2016
The relationship between hospital accreditation scores and health outcomes
Chloé van Biljon

29 November 2016
The impact of Focused antenatal care model on low birthweight deliveries in Malawi
Martina Mchenga

15 November 2016
Teacher Human Capital, Teacher Effort and Student Achievements in Kenya
Fredrick Wamalwa

08 November 2016
Financing and benefit incidence analysis for healthcare in South Africa: An updated analysis
Paula Armstrong

01 November 2016
Economic Evaluation in a clinical trial to reduce transmission of MDR-TB in paediatric patients in South Africa (TB Champs): proposed approach and identified challenges
Ronelle Burger, Tanja Kastien, Martina Mchenga and Tommy Wilkonson

25 October 2016
Home background and educational outcomes: An analysis using NIDS
Heleen Hofmeyr

18 October 2016
Estimating the wage returns to experience and tenure for South African workers
Kholekile Malindi

04 October 2016
Instructional leadership in South African schools: Educators' perceptions
Dumisani Hompashe

27 September 2016
Political culture and participation in South Africa: The role of socio-economic factors
Marisa von Fintel and George Ott

13 September 2016
Cooperation, transaction cost and heterogeneous saving-consumption response: Evidence from a natural experiment
Dambala Gelo

06 September 2016
From Matric into and through university: Higher Education access and outcomes in South Africa
Hendrik van Broekhuizen

30 August 2016
Negative household events and depressive symptoms: Evidence from an unequal developing country
Marisa von Fintel, Ronelle Burger, Dori Posel

23 August 2016
Reference Letters and Youth Unemployment: Evidence from a Randomised Control Trial
Rulof Burger

16 August 2016
Gender-specific costs and benefits to internal migration: a spatially filtered zero-inflated gravity model
Dieter von Fintel & Eldridge Moses

02 August 2016
Assessing mental health and disorder in cultural context: some
Leslie Swartz

26 July 2016
Access to the counselling & testing services: comparing non-governmental community based and public Primary Healthcare services in South Africa
Laura Rossouw

05 July 2016
Interrogating the paradox of performance in the WCED: Provincial and regional comparisons of student learning
Debra Shepherd, Gabrielle Wills, Janeli Kotze

21 June 2016
Focused antenatal care in Malawi: How did the policy affect antenatal care utilization among pregnant women
Martina Mchenga

14 June 2016
The Prevalence of Cheating in National Standardised Assessments in South African Schools / Applying the Jacob and Levitt (2003) method to the Annual National Assessments of 2013
Lauren Ross

07 June 2016
The curious incident of a positive health shock: measuring the impact of ARV rollout on health improvements in South Africa, 2006 - 2012
Cobus Burger

31 May 2016
Can we Measure changes in Social Welfare from Outer Space? Nightlights luminosity vs Surface Reflectance Data
Thomas Ferreira

17 May 2016
Impact of New Molecular Diagnostic Tests for TB
Pren Naidoo / Rory Dunbar

10 May 2016
The effect of neighbourhoods and school quality on education performance and wages in South Africa
Asmus Zoch

03 May 2016
Health-related quality of life and its association with medication adherence in tuberculosis - an integrative patient-centred outcomes approach
Tanja Katien-Hilka

12 April 2016
Understanding the GBV in SDG 5: what is GBV and why is it so important to address?
Dr E le Roux

05 April 2016
Minimum wages in a tradable sector: are small firms more vulnerable?
Marlies Rothkegel

29 March 2016
Evaluating the benefits of a dialogic shared reading intervention as a way of improving early child development and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals
Mark Tomlinson

15 March 2016
School functionality: Finding Ways to Make Schools Work & The wage path of South African men under labour market uncertainty and employer learning
Keorapetse Mogorosi & Kholekile Malindi

08 March 2016
TB case finding in South Africa
Mareli Claassens

16 February 2016
Using mystery patients to measure quality of healthcare in the Western Cape
Anja Smith and Ronelle Burger

09 February 2016
The Big Push Toward Universal Health Coverage: Metrics, Data, and Impact
Adam Wagstaff

02 February 2016
It depends which side you are on: understanding the role that language in education plays in Grade 4 reading performance using a “natural experiment” of Botswana and South Africa
Debra Shepherd

26 January 2016
Developing and testing interventions to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes: initial results from the Thula Baba Box experiment
Laura Rossouw

19 January 2016
Provincial administrations, post provisioning and small school questions
Martin Gustafsson

12 January 2016
Distribution application of student funding
Servaas van der Berg

03 November 2015
Do education and income really explain inequalities in health? Applying a twin design
Prof Ulf Gerdtham

27 October 2015
Spatial location and education outcome in Cape Town - a cohort analysis
Asmus Zoch

20 October 2015
Education intervention: estimating the effectiveness of Ikamva youth
Lewis McLean

13 October 2015
Affirmative action policies and the South African wage gap
Dieter von Fintel

06 October 2015
The demand for reproductive health care
Steve Koch

06 October 2015
The demand for reproductive health care
Steve Koch

29 September 2015
Does insurance affect health care utilisation if the health system is polarised? Evidence from a South African marginal treatment effect analysis
Rulof Burger

22 September 2015
Exploring Public Spending on Education Patterns: What does the contemporary literature tell us about the role of macroeconomic factors?
Mark Millin

15 September 2015
Institutional wage-setting, labour demand and labour supply: estimates from a South African pseudo-panel
Dieter von Fintel

25 August 2015
An analysis of learner performance using the Western Cape CEMIS data
Marisa von Fintel

11 August 2015
Measuring financial vulnerability amongst NGOs: An empirical study of Ugandan organisations
Berta Silva

04 August 2015
A comparable yardstick: Adjusting for vulnerability bias in self-reported user satisfaction scores for health facility visits
Laura Rossouw

28 July 2015
Not worth the paper it’s written on: Self-reported information and the pursuit of improved governance and accountability
Ronelle Burger

14 July 2015
A Profile of the Labour Market for School Principals in South Africa: Evidence to Inform Policy
Gabrielle Wills

23 June 2015
The effects of short vs long term unemployment on subjective well-being in South Africa – De Waal I feel good! The relationship between emotional well-being and health for poor individuals in South Africa - Christian Lopes
Ingrid de Waal & Carmen Sue Christian Lopes

02 June 2015
Getting a Job: A study of South African Graduate Job Search Strategies
Juliet Simpson

26 May 2015
Month of birth and later outcomes: Evidence from South Africa
Cally Ardington

19 May 2015
Estimating true multi-drug resistant tuberculosis prevalence rates: new results from a simulated maximum likelihood estimator
Rulof Burger

12 May 2015
Measuring economic mobility in Namibia using repeated cross-sections
Thomas Ferreira

05 May 2015
Agricultural minimum wages: an update after the 2012 farmworker strikes
Dieter von Fintel , Chris Garbers & Louw Pienaar

21 April 2015
Which factors drive the location of microfinance institutions? Evidence from Peru
Annabel Vanroose

14 April 2015
The effect of neighbourhood on wage and school outcomes where it matters
Asmus Zoch

31 March 2015
The impact of language on learning in primary schools: some preliminary results
Nic & Marisa

24 March 2015
Ramadan Induced School Holidays as a Natural Experiment: Impacts of Seasonality on School Enrollment Rates in Bangladesh
Seiro Ito

17 March 2015
Labour law and the economy: Views from the other side of Ryneveld Street
Christopher Garbers

10 March 2015
The impact of the agricultural minimum wage on farmworker employment in South Africa: A fixed effects approach.
Chris Garbers

03 March 2015
Teacher graduate production in South Africa: Insights from HEMIS
Hendrik van Broekhuizen

24 February 2015
Examining the impact of insurance on health care utilisation and provider choice using a natural experiment in South Africa
Ronelle, Anja & Rulof

17 February 2015
How to stimulate single mothers on welfare to find a job; evidence from a natural experiment
Jan van Ours

10 February 2015
I did not know I was pregnant: late access to antenatal care in metropolitan Cape Town
Anja Smith

09 February 2015
Small-scale farming and hunger: the enabling role of social assistance programmes in South Africa’s former homelands
Dieter von Fintel & Louw Pienaar

27 January 2015
Discrimination in the Informal Sector: Evidence from Online Labor Markets in South Africa
Martin Abel

09 December 2014
The Thula Baba Box Project: Evaluating the impact of health resources and community health worker support on antenatal behaviour and health knowledge
Laura Rossouw

02 December 2014
Access to public health care in South Africa
Carmen Sue Christian Lopes

25 November 2014
South Africa’s changing space economy and migration patterns: Implications for the new National Spatial Framework

18 November 2014
Education, Skills and Inequality in the Labor Market
Per_anders Edin

13 November 2014
Quantifying educational inequality: an application of Finite Mixture Modelling using TIMSS 2011
Nic Spaull & Debra Shepherd

13 November 2014
Governance of South African No-Fee Schools: preliminary insights to be gained from qualitative and quantitative analysis
Janet Graaf

04 November 2014
Motherhood and Female Labour Force Participation: new evidence on Agüero and Marks
Wicus Coetzee

21 October 2014
Poverty and place in South Africa between 2001 and 2011
Eldridge Moses

30 September 2014
A socio-economic analysis of the determinants of settler fertility: New evidence from South Africa, 1700-1910
Jeanne Cilliers

23 September 2014
Teacher qualification outputs at South African Universities
Hendrik van Broekhuizen

02 September 2014
Incentives for qualified teachers in Namibia’s remote schools
Servaas van der Berg

26 August 2014
Convenience samples, front-row forwards and the puzzle of English military recruits in the Anglo-Boer War
Johan Fourie

19 August 2014
Assessing lack of common support in causal inference using Bayesian Nonparametric: application for the effect of attending a historically advantaged school
Debra Shepherd

12 August 2014
Understanding, measuring and exploring unpaid care work
Debbie Budlender

29 July 2014
South Africa's Principal Labour Market: Principal Transitions and their Effects on Secondary School Outcomes
Gabi Wills

22 July 2014
Spatial comparisons of multidimensional poverty and inequality in Malawi
Anderson Gondwe

17 June 2014
The impact of teacher characteristics on student performance: an analysis using hierarchical linear modelling
Paula Armstrong

10 June 2014
Returns to education in agricultural productivity in Malawi – An instrumental variable approach
Thomas Ferreira

03 June 2014
Testing Numeric: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial of a computer based mathematics intervention in Cape Town High Schools
Bianca Bohmer

27 May 2014
Jobs come and Go, but the Family will always be there
Alessio Gaggero

20 May 2014
Have workers been winners or losers since the end of apartheid?
Jeremy Seekings

06 May 2014
Economic mobility and measurement error in South Africa
Rulof Burger

22 April 2014
Earnings volatility in South Africa
Vimal Ranchhod

15 April 2014
Health perceptions in South Africa: testing for racial reporting heterogeneity in self-assessed health measures
Laura Rossouw

08 April 2014
Measuring Lived Poverty in South Africa
Robert Mattes

25 March 2014
Explaining employment trends through job creation and job destruction
Cobus Burger

18 March 2014
HIV-related discrimination among Grade Six pupils in nine Southern African countries
Nic Spaull

11 March 2014
How binding are family bonds? Estimating models of intra-household bargaining for South Africa
Rulof Burger

04 March 2014
An Internationally Comparable Measure of SES
Janeli Viljoen

25 February 2014
Learning what mattes: a boosted regression tree approach to school production modelling
Debra Shepherd

18 February 2014
Regional Perspectives of Multidimensional Poverty
Atika Pasha

11 February 2014
Subsistence Agriculture and Education in Malawi: Preliminary findings
Thomas Ferreira

28 January 2014
Rising inequalities in income and health in China: Who is left behind?
Eddy van Doorslaer

29 October 2013
“An examination of the poverty dynamics of children using NIDS 2008-2012"
Marisa Coetzee

22 October 2013
“Householder descriptive and correlates of stated willingness to pay for sanitation upgrades: a cross section analysis of Enkanini informal settlement”
Lauren Tavener-Smith

15 October 2013
“The Determinants of Volunteering: Examining how Conceptions of Neighbours and Strangers Influence Volunteer Decisions.”
Dineo Seabe

07 October 2013
“Are We Rational or Fair? Implications from an Experiment on Dividing up an Inheritance Successfully.”
Marc Piazolo

17 September 2013
“Does Falling Behind Lead to Being Left Behind - Evidence from the NSES data.”
Janeli Viljoen

10 September 2013
“Explaining the demand for medical schemes: implications for National Health Insurance (NHI)”
Ronelle Burger and Anja Smith

03 September 2013
“The Capability Threshold: Re-examining the definition of the middle class in an unequal developing country.”
Ronelle Burger and Camren Mcaravey

27 August 2013
“Higher Education Participation among Western Cape Matriculants.”
Chris van Wyk and Hendrik van Broekhuizen

20 August 2013
“Who should monitor the teachers? Mobile monitoring, bonuses, and truthful reporting in primary schools in Uganda.”
Jacobus Cilliers

13 August 2013
“Estimating the impact of a switch in the language of learning and teaching in South African primary school."
Marisa Coetzee and Stephen Taylor

06 August 2013
“Determining the factors that influence the time until completion and attrition of students registered for Master’s degrees at the University of Kwazulu-Natal.”
Jordache Ramjith

30 July 2013
“Measuring the effect of school quality on the performance of disadvantaged learners: The case of South Africa”
Marisa Coetzee

23 July 2013
“Gender differences in reading achievement – evidence from prePIRLS and PIRLS 2011”
Olivia Ezeobi

25 June 2013
"Explaining racial gaps in educational outcomes in South Africa: Evidence from the Cape Area Panel Study"
Prof. David Lam

04 June 2013
“Do Family Bonds Bind? Testing the Unitary and Collective Models of Household Behaviour on South African Data”
Friedrich Kreuser

28 May 2013
“The early roots of Apartheid’s legacies: current unemployment and historical settlement patterns.”
Dieter von Fintel

21 May 2013
“Gender inequality in the detection of tuberculosis in South Africa ”
Anja Smith

21 May 2013
“TB screening in South Africa: should we allow more discretion?”
Cobus Burger

07 May 2013
"Reservation wages for the youth in South Africa"
Asmus Zoch

07 May 2013
"Multidimensional vs Income Child Poverty in Mozambique and Namibia: Finding the kinking points"
Carlos da Maia, Cobus Burger and Thomas Ferreira

30 April 2013
"Conflict, Reconciliation and development. Evidence from a Field Experiment in Sierra Leone"
Jacobus Cilliers

23 April 2013
“Wage subsidies and youth employment in South Africa. Evidence from a randomised control trial.”
Neil Rankin

09 April 2013
“Falling behind: Evidence from NSES”
Janeli Viljoen

02 April 2013
“An evaluation of the impact of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)’s Literacy and Numeracy (Lit/Num) Interventions of school performance”
Laura Rossouw

26 March 2013
"The 2013 CDE report: South Africa’s Education Crisis"
Nic Spaull

12 March 2013
“Higher Education Quality and Graduate Labour Market Status in South Africa”
Hendrik van Broekhuizen

05 March 2013
“South African Return to Education: a multiple instrument anlaysis"
Kathryn McDermott

26 February 2013
“Life Changes and class: Estimating inequality of opportunity in South Africa for various life stages.”
Asmus Zoch

11 December 2012
"Poverty transitions in Indonesia"
Nunung Nuryartono

29 November 2012
"Credit Constraints and the Racial Gap in Post-Secondary Education in South Africa."
Nicola Branson

27 November 2012
"Lucky those who get it: Impact of Indemnity Payments on small Farmers after climatic Shocks"
Stephan Dietrich

20 November 2012
"Job Creation and Destruction in South Africa"
Andrew Kerr

06 November 2012
"Fake it so you make it: The prevalence and implications of fieldworker fraud in large South African surveys"
Arden Finn & Vimal Ranchhod

30 October 2012
"Enrolment and Population in South Africa: Possible explanations for existing discrepancies""
Nic Spaull & Martin Gustafsson

23 October 2012
"Consumption Patterns of the Black Middle Class"
Asmus Zoch

10 October 2012
"Understanding Low Income Country Labour Markets: the case of Malawi"
Dieter von Fintel & Thomas Ferreira

25 September 2012
"Estimates of intergenerational income persistence in South Africa"
Patrizio Piraino

18 September 2012
“Enrolment in the South African Education System”
Paula Armstrong

18 September 2012
“Using dynamic programming to model job search & youth unempmloyment"
Cobus Burger

11 September 2012
“Accounting for non-linearity in parameters in the decomposition of school performance: application to SA data”
Debra Shepherd

04 September 2012
"Teacher Incentives”
Paula Armstrong

28 August 2012
"Migration / spatial dimensions of deprivation"
Eldrige Moses

21 August 2012
Key challenges to health service access in South Africa”
Diane McIntyre

14 August 2012
"An Introduction to the LIS microdatabase"
Hendrik van Broekhuizen

07 August 2012
"The Elusive South African Wage Curve: the role of Wage Dispersion, Unions and Industrial Structure"
Dieter van Fintel

31 July 2012
"Understanding Cognitive Achievement at the Primary Level of Education in Mozambique"
Carlos da Maia

29 May 2012
"Graduate unemployment in South Africa."
Hendrik van Broekhuizen

22 May 2012
"Ethnic reunion and cultural affinity"
Johan Fourie

08 May 2012
"Universal Annual National Assessment (ANA's) 2011 - data, uses and cautions."
Nicholas Spaull

24 April 2012
"Has the public spending on South African clinics and hospitals become more equitable?"
Prof. Ronelle Burger

24 April 2012
"Estimating inequality of opportunity in SA for different cohorts"
Asmus Zoch

17 April 2012
"Triggering demand for sanitation in the context of people-driven informal settlement upgrading in South Africa and Malawi"
Lauren Travener-Smith

10 April 2012
"Using the Pro-Poor Growth Toolbox to Evaluate the Targeting of Social Services in Rwanda"
Malte Reimers

03 April 2012
"Results for the PEA project on socio-economic gradients using the matric 2008-2010 data"
Debra Shepherd

27 March 2012
"The unintended consequences of education policies on SA participation and unemployment"
Rulof Burger

13 March 2012
"Socio-Economic Role of NGOs in South Africa: Specific focus on funder conditions and voluntary failure"
Dineo Seabe

06 March 2012
"Preliminary results of poverty analysis in Namibia, making use of the latest household budget survey"
Carlos da Maia & Cobus Burger

28 February 2012
"Youth in the South African labour market since the transition"
Derek Yu

21 February 2012
"Assortative Mating and Cross Productivity: When does living with a highly educated spouse really benefit you in the labour market?"
Thomas Ferreira

21 February 2012
"Using Sen’s concept of capabilities to define the middle class"
Camren Mcaravey

14 February 2012
"The effect of immigrant concentration in schools on native and immigrant children's reading and math skills"
Prof. Peter Jensen

07 February 2012
"Health, TB and HIV"
Prof. Nulda Beyers

31 January 2012
"The Causes of Persistent Poverty in South Africa after the Political Transition"
Asmus Zoch

24 January 2012
"Preliminary Analysis of the Ikamva Youth Data"
Cobus Burger & Nic Spaull