Health policy seminar series

Health Policy Seminar Series


Topics 2015

26 February 2015

Antenatal care access and HIV in South Africa

Vivian Black (WITS Reproductive Health and HIV Institute)


7 May 2015

Antimalarial demand estimation: A market level analysis for Uganda

Seiro Ito (Institute of Development Economies)


23 July 2015

Health status and the South African labour market

Simphiwe Khoza (ReSEP, Economics Department, Stellenbosch University)

Lewis McLean (ReSEP, Economics Department, Stellenbosch University)


30 July 2015

Early childhood development and health and development (literature review)                                                  

Seiro Ito (Institute of Development Economies)


13 August 2015

Disentangling the effects of income on health outcomes in South Africa: A regression discontinuity design

David Khaoya (Economics Department, University of Cape Town)


1 October 2015

Explaining medical care quality in Kenya

David Khaoya (Economics Department, University of Cape Town


5 November 2015

Citizen engagement in health care decision-making: worth the effort?

John Eyles (School of Public Health, WITS)


26 November 2015

Impact of a Youth-Targeted Reproductive Health Initiative on Teen Childbearing in South Africa

Nicola Branson, SALDRU UCT


Topics 2014

16 January 2014

Market failures in private health care markets

Alex van den Heever (WITS)


20 February 2014

The use of community/lay health workers in selected interventions: costs, experiences, and challenges

Lungiswa Nkonki (Stellenbosch University)


6 March 2014

Global health inequalities in the twenty first century

John Ataguba (University of Cape Town)


3 April 2014

Income related health inequality in South Africa

David Khaoya (University of Cape Town)


10 April 2014

Can vouchers deliver? An evaluation of subsidies for maternal care in Cambodia

Eddy van Doorslaer (Erasmus University)


9 May 2014

The process and outcomes of health technology evaluation

Dr Manie de Klerk (Metropolitan Health)


19 June 2014

Keeping it real: Measuring hospital efficiency in South Africa

Shivani Ramjee (University of Cape Town)


14 August 2014

Delivering successful sin tax reform in the Philippines

Caryn Bredenkamp and Kai Kaiser (World Bank)


4 September 2014

Vision 2030: The road to wellness

Dr Keith Cloete (Western Cape Department of Health)


11 September 2014

Access to public health care in South Africa: 2002-2012

Carmen Christian (University of the Western Cape)


30 October 2014

Health care research and ethics

Prof Anton van Niekerk


16 October 2014

The health immigrant: investigating disability disparities between native-born black South Africans and their foreign-born counterparts

Maninie Molatseli (POPART Trial, Desmond Tutu TB Centre)


13 November 2014

The contribution of a community-based HIV counselling and testing (HCT) initiative in working towards increasing access to HCT in Cape Town, South Africa

Sue-Ann Meehan (Desmond Tutu TB Centre, Stellenbosch University)


27 November 2014

Estimating tuberculosis drug resistance rates in South Africa using routinely collected data

Zoe McLaren (Michigan School of Public Health)


4 December 2014

Community-based Adherence Clubs in Gugulethu – a model of care to support ART expansion and retention in care

Anna Grimsrud (University of Cape Town)


11 December 2014

Experimental interventions to promote HIV test uptake under corporate environment: Results from a cluster randomised controlled trial in South Africa

Seiro Ito (Institute of Development Economies)