About ReSEP

ReSEP (Research on Socio-Economic Policy)

ReSEP is a group of researchers in the Department of Economics at the University of Stellenbosch. This includes some members of the Department of Economics, contract research staff, and graduate students who participate in ReSEP’s research.

ReSEP developed around a long term research focus on issues of poverty, income distribution, social mobility, economic development and social policy. This was further stimulated when Professor Servaas van der Berg in 2008 became the South African National Research Chair in the Economics of Social Policy, financially supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF). This led to further consolidation of research work in this area.

Most of the researchers involved in ReSEP are full time researchers or research students, while others are employed within the Department of Economics at Stellenbosch University, or even at other universities.

Funding for ReSEP comes from a variety of sources. The funds obtained from the NRF through the Research Chair and from other funded research are supplemented through research consultancies for a variety of institutions, mainly government, but also international organizations such as the World Bank, Unicef, some private sector corporations, think tanks, etc. A list of some recent projects can be seen elsewhere on this website.

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